11 reasons why you can never become great



Average” is a word we all can relate to. Average means standard or level that is considered to be typical or usual. You were average in school, you are average in the workplace, everything you do is average, not because you are born like that but because you were taught to be average by society. You were in an average environment so you decided to go against your basic nature i.e. being great. Here are reasons which are stopping you from reaching the height of greatness:

1. You don’t want to be great.

The human mind works on the principle of survival and not on that of performing and achieving. This is the reason people seek safety and security and not greatness. Moreover, since our childhood, we were taught to follow a path designed by society i.e. go to school, get good grades, get into a college, get a decent job, get married and have kids(and teach them to follow the same path).

In order to become great, you have to think big because a “man is what he thinks all day.”

People fall in the temptation of security and become a part of the rat race which in turn prevents them from achieving greatness.

2.  You don’t have a purpose in your life:

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from the mediocre mind.”
-Albert Einstein

Most of the people around lack purpose. They are just running after materialistic gain. They don’t want to add any value to this world.
The single most important principle you can do apply in your lives is to try to define what your purpose is because most people they go to their graves with their greatness still in them as they fail to discover their purpose. So don’t be one of them as it is your purpose that light the fire in you.

If you are just running after money and momentary pleasure. I am sorry to say that you can never be successful.

3. If you care what other people say.

  “Everything in life is easier when you don’t concern yourself with what everyone else is doing”

In order to achieve greatness, you have to walk on the path that is not visible though everyone around you will call you stupid and aberrant. As they are aware of only one pragmatic path to success and i.e. by getting a degree and every other path to them is like a gamble.

So, if you really care about your image and what people are talking about you, you will never be able to create a life that is meant for you. Hence, you will never achieve greatness.

4. If you believe in showing off:

“Boasting and gloating confirm that you need an appreciation of others.”

We are living in an era where everyone is busy showing off their lifestyle, talent, power, etc.

If you are also the part of this game then this mindset can never lead you to greatness. As great people have a great mind and great minds are involved in providing real value to the world. Well said by Bruce Lee:

“Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory.”

5. If you make frequent excuses and complains:

“Create a way, not an excuse.”

When people don’t get what they want they start making excuses, blame game like how unlucky they were or how their business partner cheated on them. If you focus more on why you cannot do it than how you can do it if you think of what you lack than what you have then you can never be great.Because you can either make excuses or create history.

6. You talk about people not about ideas:

“Great mind discuss ideas,
Average mind discuss events,
Small mind discusses people.”

Majority of the population is busy in back bitching, judging and mocking other. The inane quality of pinpointing other mistakes is making our mind negative. Because of this negativity in our mind, we tend to see the negative side in every situation. This makes people pessimist. One can never achieve greatness by negative outlook.

7. You spend most of your time with average people:

“You are the average of those 5 people you spend you most of the time with.”

People tend to acclimate themselves to the people with whom they spend most of the time.

If you surround yourself with unproductive people. It will be harder for you to make productive choices in life.

8. You do not work on yourself:

“Life improvement begins with self-improvement.”

In order to become great you have to become the best version of yourself and continuously work on yourself. Well said by Jim Rohn:

“Those who seek a better life must first become a better person.”

So if you are not improving yourself by reading books, listening podcasts, joining courses or attending training and seminars then it will be really hard for you to reach the height of greatness.

9. You do not take a risk:

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

Study shows wealthy and successful people have taken way more risks than an average person.

Taking risks creates a whole new set of opportunities for the future. You may unlock the doors that you hadn’t even considered. If you are someone who often allows fear to paralyze you and you are too conscious of taking wrong choices then you will never able to be among the top.

10. You don’t value time

“Ordinary people think merely of spending their time. Great people think of using it”

When you utilize the time correctly is contains the ingredients of success to growth, prosperity and all the things you want but at the very same time if neglected it leaves us with very little. Every morning you woke up, you are living seconds you can never get back.
Time is free but priceless, once gone you can never get back. Daily you get 86400 seconds and at the end of the night its all gone whether you use it or not. If you are someone who has the audacity to waste their time on bootless things then probably you will never able to make it to the top.

11. If you don’t know how to handle failure

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”
– Henry Ford

Every great thing on this planet is here because the creator learned what DID work but learned more from what DID NOT work.

If failure was the end of the story there would be no greats.
Greats like Jordan.
Greats like Einstein.
Greats like Henry Ford.
Greats like Edison.

If these people stopped with failure the world would not be filled with their greatness as it is today. The difference between those who win , those who lose in life is the winner decides a better meaning for their failure. If you don’t see failure as motivation then you can never become great.


Most of the people have done all they are going to do, they raise a family, earn a living and then they die but people who are running behind their dream life has special kind meaning. I want to share with you that in the process of chasing your dreams you going to face lots of challenge a lot of failures, a lot of pain, a lot of setbacks and a lot of defects but in the process of doing that you will discover something about yourself that you don’t know right now,what you realize that you have greatness within you what you realize that you are more powerful then you can ever imagined. What you will realize is you are greater than your circumstances and that you don’t have to go through life as a victim.

Comment down what is stopping you from becoming great ?

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